Working with RedBees initial concept I helped develop and design direct the 13th Street Channel refresh alongside the NBC Universal International team. 

The 13th Street brand refresh set out to embrace a thrilling, intriguing and thought provoking approach to the crime genre across all platforms.

Specific emphasis was placed upon social media to ensure 13th Street operated as a social-centric brand, and that its unexpected tonality resonated beyond just the linear channel. This enabled the brand to be part of the conversation with crime fans irrespective of their access to the linear channel. 

The thrilling nature of programming across 13th Street is enhanced by our new visual identity in a sophisticated, clever and unexpected manner, while our overall tone of voice operates in a disruptive and questioning way that is not often seen in an entertainment brand.

The brand always aims to leave behind more questions than answers and often leaves the audience to fill in the blanks. Utilising a versatile range of brand imprints, 13th Street successfully implemented the visual aesthetic in a clever and arresting manner; the key features of these imprints being a bespoke font executed across all key messaging and a logo lock-in device to join the brand logo with key typographical elements.



Chief Marketing Officer: Lee Raftery (NBCUniversal International)
SVP Global Creative: Marco Giusti (NBCUniversal International)
Design Director: Chloe Brooks (Clomotion)
Design Director: Sam Harvey (Sam Harvey Creative)
Production Manager: Radka Mincheva (NBCUniversal International Networks)
Production Manager: Siobhan Mulhern (NBCUniversal International Networks)
Brand Conceptualisation: Red Bee Creative
Executive Creative Director: Charlie Mawer
Creative Director: Jane Fielder
Director of Photography: Adriaan Kirchner (Creative Rebellion)
Shoot Production: Noam Kroll (Creative Rebellion)
Producer: Gabe Reiter (Creative Rebellion)
Colourist: Oisin O’Driscoll (The Mill)
Composer: Bleeding Fingers Music Produced by Hans Zimmer (Bleeding Fingers)
Reel Track: Halsey - Castle