The rebrand of Universal TV set out to create a vibrant, welcoming and playful identity for our flagship entertainment brand, while continuing to embrace the positioning of being a home for world-class, character-driven entertainment. A focus was placed upon creating a social-centric approach, which could transcend all our platforms and resonate beyond just the linear channel.

The brand execution takes a degree of influence from our heritage brand. Our movie brand’s presence immediately triggers an emotional response, and its familiarity is a strength that in turn provides a comfortable, knowing tone as a trusted source of entertainment. Within Universal’s iconic movie slate, the visual motif of the sun radiating from beyond the curvature of the globe provides an illumination full of warmth and comfort. This element is crafted into the very heart of our logo and surrounding design elements to provide the same level of gravitas and wonder across our TV brand.

Utilising a versatile range of brand principles, Universal TV implements a look and feel, which can exist in tandem with all of our characters and their stories. A set of carefully optimised and selected fonts bring our tone of voice to life, clearly differentiating the character and brand led messaging. Key show titles also lock-up with the brand logo at all times in a system that ensures the brand stands prominently across all mediums and can never fail to be noticed. Our colour palette is an instantly recognisable visual signature that allows for bold brand attribution, while also enhancing the light-based aesthetic, manifesting itself in both Dawn and Dusk colourways.

As well as graphical design elements, a suite of logo idents was created, behaving like a set of ever-evolving light installations. These tactile, animated pieces convey the rich palette of the identity, while also being the embodiment of the light-based concept engrained in the brand. They are visually enticing spots that lend well to repeat viewing with a sophisticated orchestral audio accompaniment.

The rebrand of Universal TV, a leader in general entertainment, rolls out across six territories worldwide in 2018.

Chief Marketing Officer: Lee Raftery (NBCUniversal International)
SVP Global Creative: Marco Giusti (NBCUniversal International)

Design Director: Chloe Brooks (Clomotion)
Design Director: Sam Harvey (Sam Harvey Creative)

Production Manager: Radka Mincheva (NBCUniversal International Networks)
Production Manager: Clare Donaldson (NBCUniversal International Networks)

Brand Conceptualisation: Red Bee Creative
Executive Creative Director: Charlie Mawer
Creative Director: Jane Fielder

Idents VFX: Future Deluxe
Audio: Zelig Sound

Reel Tracks: Olly Anna - I Got That & Electric Light Orchestra - Mr Blue Sky